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Wormate io mod is a worm or snake game that is played online. If you have ever played a game with snakes who want to look for vegetables, fruits, coins, hamburgers, etc., this game is more or less the same as the Fruit Worming Game and Slither io

Earthworms or snakes have very funny movements and dynamic aero which are supported with high quality graphics. This makes this game one of the worm or snake games better than snake games.

How to play Wormate io Mod

Worm Zone How to play worms is very simple. You only need to eat the food that is provided to make it big. And you have to remember not to drop your head on someone else’s body, because if this happens, it will destroy your worm.

In this worm game you can play any character or worm you want, but this worm is from the Worms Zone io game, where this worm game has provided food in the form of cakes, ice cream, donuts, etc.

While the game worm zone, food consists of fruits and vegetables, and the characters provided are also emblematic, colorful, colorful bodies, from countries in various parts of the world and many others.

Wormate Io Mod Apk is a game that you can play easily. At the beginning of the game you will start the game with a small worm

You need to find the food provided in the game. However, you are careful that your worms do not spawn other worms. Because you are returning your worm’s opponent, your worm dies and you will start again with a small worm.

If there are worms that die can be food that can be worms you can eat everything so your worms can be large. So if you want worms to be bigger, you need to get more food by eating more worms.

it would be better if you had used up the bigger worm. Because, if you decide for a long time, caring for others will quickly feed. So you have to keep looking for food until you can get bigger than others and make your score the biggest.

If you want to be more interesting in the game, you have to change the color and also your skin cacign, so you are not bored easily playing this game. But you are required to buy everything with coins. so you have to collect lots of coins each time you play so you can easily change your skin.

If you want to be a winner on wormate io you can use the Mod game version and here we provide wormate io game with unlimited coins.

Wormate io Features

Below are the features that you can get on Wormate and Money or Coins without limits and in this game provide a more interesting game.

Unlimited money

As reviewed above, this game is a Change in this game can be seen with the new “Unlimited Money” feature. You should be happy if the coins you can get are unlimited.

You can also buy lots of gold coins. You can buy lots of skins later. So you can change skin worms can bore you with unlimited coins in an infinite worm game.

All levels are open

The second feature in this game can be opened at all levels. You can play all levels in the latest version of the wormate io game, which means you can play all games at any level. There are no level restrictions.

Money is Unlimited

Besides coins, you can also get a lot of money in this game. Except for real money, but for money you can use to buy all items in the Wormate io game. A kind of diamond.

  • Enhanced resolution control.
  • Game languages ​​such as Indonesian, German, Thai, Korean, etc. Added
  • Fixed an error for the previous version
  • Among many other additional functions.

Wormate Io Mod New Version

  • Skin Sandman
  • Snowman Skin
  • snow sled
  • Christmas Cakes
  • Christmas sweets
  • Palm.
  • You can add hair
  • Wear a hat
  • Magic rabbit fur.
  • eyeglasses
  • face

How to download the Application

To download the latest version of the game wormate.io mod without root, you must read the steps below and make sure your cellphone is connected to the Internet.

  • In the first step, download the mod application by clicking the link above
  • Then activate the Unknown application option
  • Then open the storage folder on the cellphone to search for the downloaded application
  • after finished installing the application and wait until the application has been installed
  • when it’s finished installing the game is ready to play on your cellphone.

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