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Skyegrid Mod Apk is an application that provides streaming services for multi-platform games that can be used and enjoyed by all ages. This application is included in the entertainment group on the Google Play Store. Not only can you access the official Skyegrid.Id site on the Play Store if you want to download this application for your smartphone. you can also read in advance what features are provided by the application developer.

The Skyegrid application can be downloaded and installed on Android phones with moderate and higher specifications. you can also download the Android application using the mobile browser of your choice and then click Install. We have prepared a Skyegrid apk mod file that you can download at high speed.

Features Skyegrid Mod Apk

History Of Cloud Gaming

Cloud Gaming was originally introduced in 2000. It’s been a long time, but not as effective now. In 2013, Nvidia created a spark in the world of cloud gaming with the Nvidia GRID product (which has now been renamed the GeForce NOW). With the same concept as Skyegrid, they offer game services with cloud gaming technology, but directly to the consoles that they offer exclusively, namely Shield Portable, Shield Tablet and Shield Console.

Cloud gaming technical explanation.

Generally, cloud games use various servers to run the desired game and send game visualizations in the form of VIDEO STREAMING to the user’s screen. All user input is sent to the server to run in the game. The user does not store game data currently on the device, but on the server. Therefore, the specifications of the user’s device are not important. This is the selling point of Skyegrid Cloud Gaming Services in Indonesia.

Simple explanation of the Skyegrid cloud game

In short, Skyegrid customers can easily play their favorite games on smartphones, tablets, PCs with low specifications, laptops with low specifications, Macs, or even office computers, without having to worry whether their device can run games or not.

The problem is you need a device with “streaming video” functionality (which isn’t hard to find) and fast online streaming capabilities. Because all data sent by the input controller on your smartphone screen is sent to the server and receives a reply in the form of a video transmission that pings or softens the Internet from your ISP, which will greatly affect the experience of playing games when using Skyegrid. But if internet speed isn’t a big problem for you guys. Skyegrid is the best solution if you want to save money when buying a God ROG PC.

Subscribe to Skyegrid to play

At the beginning of the inauguration of the Skyegrid Grand Launching. Rolly, as CEO of Skyegrid, announced that 50 AAA game titles had been released, which were very popular with various well-known publishers such as Projekt Red CD, Ubisoft, Epic Games, 2k and others. By the end of 2018, around 120 titles will be available on the Skyegrid platform in the future. Although there are many titles displayed on the Skyegrid server, of course you must have the game that you want to play first to access the game.

You can download the Skyegrid application from Playstore, App Store or directly from the Google Chrome browser if you are a laptop / PC user. To register, you can access the Skyegrid website and select “Subscribe”. After that, you can go through the checkout process, which is much cheaper than the console price, which is Rp 179,000 for 30 days.

Of course, Skyegrid has advantages and disadvantages. It’s clear that you can really save money by not having to buy consoles and PCs to play your favorite games. 179,000 for 30 days is much easier than trying to save $ 10 million when you buy a VGA card. However, you cannot test Skyegrid if your mobile phone still uses Symbian OS or even a regular Nokia 1100 phone. Therefore, you need to spend 2-3 million to buy a powerful Android smartphone to perform video streaming functions.

How to Install Skyegrid Mod Apk

  • The first step is to download the APK application first using the download link above.
  • Select a folder on an external storage to store application data files that are easy to find.
  • Wait for the download to finish up to 100%.
  • Before installing the application, select the Android system and activate “Unknown sources” on your Android phone.
  • If you have activated an unknown source, you will need to find a file manager where you have saved previously downloaded applications.
  • Complete the application installation process to completion.
  • After a successful installation, you can use the application and access the features contained in the application.

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