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Rise Of Kingdoms Mod APK

Rise Of Kingdom Mod Apk – This game will take you to a place where you have to lead one of the most powerful armed forces of its time that was already years ago.

Rise Of Kingdoms Mod APK Very best for you to play on your Android phone, because in this game you have to build a kingdom that is very strong, and also convince your troops to be able to tame all the countries on the map.

Not only attacking other countries, but you also have to design your empire by exploiting resources and also building architects.

A very important part of this game is building a farm, so you can provide enough food for your kingdom.

Build a strong army in your defense system, because other royal forces will attack and destroy everything you have built.

Rise Of Kingdom Mod APK Features

  • Unlimited gems
  • Unlimited money
  • Campaign settings
  • Unlimited coins
  • Explore enemy kingdoms
  • Has 3D characters
  • Stunning graphics
  • Developing progress status in the kingdom
  • Make a development in a particular city
  • Doing hidden work

GamePlay Rise Of Kingdom

• Choose your Empire

When a new kingdom arises, you must choose a kingdom that suits your style of play because every kingdom must have advantages and disadvantages.

Decide which country is easy to use for anyone, your decision will affect the game as a whole.

This game offers 8 kingdoms that you can choose, for example, Germany, France, Japan, Korea, England, Spain, Rome and also China.

China is a country which is fast in its development and also in its distribution in resources, as well as very profitable survival skills. But if you like to attack at the beginning then you can choose the country of Rome

You can choose the country of England If you like to bring your archers or allies with other countries.

The healing power of France is the advantage of this kingdom that you need to consider if you want to choose it.

• Build and use resources

Construction And management is a very interesting activity in this game. It’s not like Pocket City that you built just for the city. The establishment of a kingdom is a very great thing.

You have to plan it first if you want to build a perfect kingdom, not just depend on other countries.

Building cities is a very important part of this game to provide food in your area.

Other soldiers can destroy everything you have built, so build a military and also a strong defense.

In the establishment of your kingdom, building objects which are classified into 3 namely military, economy and also order.

You need to pay attention to the first two things, the building will not be available from the start, so you have to update your city to be able to open it.

To produce gold and also royal food, you must build a royal economy including a community center, wood factory, cattle, and also a gold mine.

Their mission is to protect the kingdom from enemy attacks and also train soldiers.

Coming regularly every day to recruit and also train troops will help you build a very strong army with fast time.

The more troops you have, the easier it will be for you to attack other countries.

• Manage your troops

In this game, your army will be divided into several types based on their own abilities. For example, Slinger uses his sled to attack enemies. The military is attacking soldiers who often use rudimentaries

You also have to be careful when doing surveillance. They have played a very important role in this game, which you can use to gather information about enemies, and also find foggy areas.

You can also ask for their help to find villages with lots of resources and technology that can help you in building your civilization.

Initially you have to do it all by yourself, but if your troops have increased, you have to find a very talented commander who can guide your troops, each commander certainly has different abilities.

You have to place them according to their abilities, because each commander has different abilities, some have ordered attacks, developed very good strategies and many other abilities.

How to Install House Flipper Mod Apk

If you have downloaded the House Flipper Mod Apk APK application using the download link above, then follow the steps below to install it on your Android phone:

  • First, look for the settings menu on your android phone, then look for the security submenu. Then look for an unknown source button then click the download button.
  • Next, you must first download the application in the download button above.
  • Then Select a folder on the external storage to place the application data file so that it is easy to find.
  • Wait for the download process to 100%.
  • Then before you install the application, select the Android system and then allow “Unknown Sources” on your Android phone.
  • Furthermore, if the unknown source you have activated, then look for the application folder where you save the application that you downloaded earlier.
  • Perform the application install process.
  • After the install process is complete, you can use the application and you can also access the features in the application

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