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What is Lucky Patcher?

Lucky Patcher Apk – Lucky Patcher apk is a very popular Android application that can help you remove advertisements from all types of Android applications and games, change usage permissions for various types of applications and games, skip verification of premium application licenses, back up applications and games, delete system applications if not needed, delete backup copies of modified applications, etc. Let’s look at some lucky features of the Patcher Mod application.

Lucky Patcher Features:

  • Remove advertisements from applications and games. By using this application you can recognize the application with advertisements on your device. You can easily remove these advertisements from most of your apps and games.
  • Remove verification of pro application licenses. Therefore, you don’t need to buy anything in the Play Store. Lucky Patcher can open verification of application purchases. Lucky Patcher can pass licensing verification on the Play Store, so you can use many paid Android applications and games for free.
  • Change application permissions. Many applications and games require unwanted application permissions. Sometimes it is difficult to trust unknown applications. Lucky Patcher apk can be used to remove all permissions from the application when it seems unnecessary.
  • This application allows you to make backup copies of your applications and games that have been downloaded from the Play Store to your SD card. You can also save any application or game after changing it.
  • Some useful tools are available.
  • This application supports various colors to determine application status. with experience in using a better device, Lucky Patcher provides many colors to easily understand the application situation.
  • Root access is required for all functions. This application can perform many tasks without rooting. However, if you want to use all the functions of the application, you must root your smartphone or tablet.

Lite Mod

  • Delete all languages ​​except English, Spanish
  • Graphic compression without quality loss.
  • This works on all Android architectures.

Color Mod

  • Change the application icon
  • Change all black and white symbols
  • Graphic compression without quality loss.
  • This works on all Android architectures.
  • Thank you package icon from G.P.V.33
  • All languages
  • Add all resolutions.

Latest Lucky Patcher Features

  • New methods for buying patches that don’t (support patches for InApp (Reassembly Dex) emulation);
  • Optimize ad patterns for a more stable patch process.
  • Additional support for the Google Play Inapp library (API 10);
  • New links to websites to add special patches (;
  • New link to send custom patches (;
  • Add the “Share” button to the backup dialog box.
  • Updated translations.

How to Install Lucky Patcher

  • Download files: Download the APK file from the Internet to make sure there is enough internal memory on your device.
  • Open file: change to the “Downloads” folder and look for the download file.
  • Install: Install the application that contains all the permissions to properly install and operate the device.
  • Run the application: run the application for the first time without internet and close it after loading it.
  • Restart: Now you can restart the application with an internet connection activated.
  • Play: here it is! Now you can use this application on your mobile without any limitations!

How to use Lucky Patcher

After you register all applications, you can see in a different color. Each color has a different meaning:

  • Green: applications that can be registered.
  • Red: Application cannot be registered.
  • Yellow: There are special patches.
  • Blue: Contains Google Ads.
  • Purple: used in the start menu.
  • Orange: system applications that are not recommended for modification.

You must also provide a list of opening applications that are patched by the phone each time the operating system is restarted.

How to delete a verification license

  • Step 1: Tap the application and select Remove license verification.
  • Step 2: Select the automatic mode and wait for the process to start.
  • Step 3: If it doesn’t work, choose automatic reversal mode or extreme automatic mode.
  • Step 4: restart before opening the application.

How to delete ads

  • Step 1: Tap the application and select the option to delete Google Ads.
  • Step 2: restart

How to apply certain patches

  • Step 1: Tap the application to apply certain patches.
  • • Step 2: restart the application before opening it.

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