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Lord Mobile

Lord Mobile Mod Apk – This type of RPG game is perfect for those of you who like this type of game. you can get this game for free through Google Play Store.

There are millions of users who play this game seen from the statistical data that is on Google because this game had the opportunity to enter the list of the most searches in Google trends.

The game developer company besides releasing this game there are also several other games they release, such as Castle Clash and Brave Trail, other games also have many users who play it every day.

There are several gameplay modes that are very interesting for you to try, because this game offers a gameplay mode of fighting between opponents to be a winner.

you are required to build a line of troops to fight the line in front of you. you must destroy all opponents and take all the needs for your troops and defeat all the other army leaders.

GamePlay Lords Mobile

Lords Mobile is a game with an innovative combination of many real-time game roles and strategies and development mechanisms that exist throughout the world. I was fascinated and spent a lot of time experimenting and immersed in the interesting gameplay of this title.

Basically, the player’s goal in the game is the same as in other strategy games: the goal is to build a strong empire, elite troops and prosperity.

When you play Lords Mobile, you as a player will face many challenges from other players around the world. All other players want to attack your country to expand their territory and become stronger.

Not only other empires, but also the cruel monsters that exist in nature want to destroy for your own country. I can’t let that happen! By training troops, recruiting the most talented heroes and strengthening defense structures, you will fight against all the forces of space and destroy monsters that roam the map of the world to protect your country.

Build the Kingdom

This game requires tactics and strategies to be able to win and destroy all your enemy forces. you must build an empire with an army stronger than the others.

you can protect your kingdom by looking to collect many people like archers, infantry, and armies and cavalry. if you have all these troops you will be hard to defeat.

Summon the strongest hero

Lords Mobile has more than 40 characters, also known as heroes, so you can recruit your troops. Usually, they are divided into categories such as Smart, Strong, Scurry. Each hero often has their own feature-based skills, indicators and designs.

The tactics in this game require you to become a better hero. You can collect the most powerful heroes who are playing, completing missions and buying with real money.

Interact with other players

This Lords Mobile game can also you join the community and show your quality so you can join the strongest guild or start your own guild and develop to the highest level. You can also participate in very interesting 5v5 battles, challenge all players or challenge neighbors to have fun.

Instead of limiting interaction between players in the same country with other similar games, Lords Mobile connects the whole world so that players can send troops anywhere to fight. I think this game is the best war game because the most valuable points that distinguish Lords Mobile from other games.


In terms of graphics, the game has good 3D graphics, but the size is still small for mobile devices. The buildings, the surrounding scenery and the effects of the battle were beautiful. With simple and entertaining characters, this game presents a very good experience. The sound of this game is enough to feel the most intense battles.

Lords Mobile is not an entertainment game, but a combination of strategy and role playing. Then the player must take the game seriously. Fighting in the game is not easy, but it offers a dramatic but satisfying experience for the players.

If you are looking for a real strategy game yourself, try playing Lords Mobile. You will really enjoy the role play and strategy. Specifically, this game is compatible with Android and iOS, so you can play from anywhere.

Lord Mobile Mod Features

  • Automatic battle PVE
  • Open the VIP 15 function
  • Army ATK + 15%
  • DEF + 15% of the army
  • HP MAX Army + 15%
  • Cruise speed + 10%
  • Increased player exp + 50%
  • Food production + 25%
  • 25% stone production
  • 25% wood production
  • ore production + 25%
  • 25% gold production

Lord Mobile Features

  • Real-time multiplayer strategy with RPG elements!
  • You can also do PvP battles with many players and over millions of players around the world!
  • Spy on your enemy to plan a perfect attack!
  • Discover an epic world in stunning HD graphics and 3D battle scenes!
  • Kill monsters on the world map to find rare treasures!
  • Upgrade buildings, research technology, train troops, and do everything possible to build and adjust the highest empire!
  • Stick your opponent’s heroes in jail and let them pay for their release!
  • Unite your allies in a strong guild to conquer the world!
  • Play anytime, anywhere with any mobile and tablet!

How to Install the Application

  • Download the application by clicking the link that we have provided
  • Wait until your download is 100% complete
  • If you have finished downloading, you can directly install the application by clicking the downloaded file in the file manager
  • If there is an application notification from an unknown source. You have to be active right. Wait until the installation is 100% complete
  • If you have finished installing, you can directly play this game.

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