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Homescapes Apk Gameplay

Homescapes Apk Mod – HThere are times, when we can hope and imagine to be able to return to childhood, this is the price of people who really miss his childhood. There are many memories that are found in his childhood home Austin. And in the end he decided to return to his childhood home.

After a long trip, Austin was shocked by the badly damaged interior of the house after a long period of inactivity. He remembered how his parents left and everything was aging: the carpet should have been thrown away, his room had been dusty after a long time, his chair was broken, the stairs were broken … Austin thought about that. Repair the house to restore their parents

New Game Mode

Combine puzzles to unlock new items for homes in Austin.

They will act as Austin’s partners and help him solve 3 puzzle combinations in return for gold coins so that Austin can buy the items he needs. Your task in this game is simple. Simply apply the same elements to the vertical or horizontal lines to eliminate them. This depends on the conditions of the game, which are determined at the level of the individual that must be completed. Typically, the conditions for cross detection are collecting or removing certain mosaics, removing jelly mosaics, breaking cakes and much more.

Each mission is a phase where Austin has the money to improve things in his parents’ home. When connected to four cells in a row, five cells in a row or six cells that form a right angle creates a special thrust that destroys many objects around it. The game has more than 400 missions from 400 levels waiting to challenge you.

With the money he can make, he not only helps Austin replace damaged items at home, but also buys new furniture, e.g. For example, aquariums, chairs, bells … and at the end of the day or after completing a mission, you will receive a bonus to help Austin buy needed household items. Remember that money is very important in the Homescapes game.

Not just a puzzle game

In addition to this interesting puzzle mechanism, Homescapes also offers a very rich world to explore. You can see Austin bring parents interesting new things to the family and meet new characters with their own curiosity.

The game also has a Facebook style news channel, “Homespace,” which shows what Austin and other characters are doing. And, of course, he also has his own Instagram channel!

Good Design

In terms of design, Homescape is based on a 3D engine with beautiful animated images. This game can be played for all ages from young to old, especially many women who have a very free time. Generally, Homescapes is an easy and fun game to play. You have to download this game and you also have to help Austin to build his childhood home.

Homescapes mod feature

  • Many missions that must be completed: Homescapes contain more than 400 different missions that must be researched and completed by players. You must complete the mission to unlock new game features.
  • Amazing graphics: 3D landscape graphics created with cartoon characters. The colors in the game are quite fresh and create a pleasant feeling when playing.
  • Play with friends: with this game you can connect to your Facebook account and find friends. Invite your friends to find and create a family atmosphere for your home. Or share your achievements in the game.
  • Unique gameplay: you have to help Austin to tidy up his childhood home to adjust parts of the house!
  • interior design: You have to decide what it’s like at home.
  • Exciting match-3 levels: a mixture of booster basic ingredients and lots of fun!
  • Search for large and beautiful villas: keep all the secrets!
  • Outstanding characters: they live their lives and interactions with every game social network.
  • Cute pets: insolent and downy cats.
  • If you invite your Facebook friends to create a comfortable atmosphere in your own home!
  • Unlimited money
  • Unlimited Stars
  • Unlimited Coins
  • All levels are unlocked
  • Unlocked All Room

How to Install Homescapes Apk

  • Download the Mod application by clicking the download button that has been prepared above
  • Save downloaded files in external memory so that the application you are looking for will be easily found later.
  • Wait until it is 100% complete.
  • Then, select before you install the data file on your Android smartphone to activate “Unknown Sources” on Android phones
  • Complete the Apk installation process.
  • If 100% has been installed. you can directly play this game. good luck!

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