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Hill Climb Racing 2

Hill Climb Racing 2 Mod Apk – What is the Hill Climb Racing game? This game is one of the most popular racing games on Android devices, with interesting gameplay and challenges on each track.

This game is very unique, even though the genre of this game is racing, but in the game you will not compete with other players, but against the time and get fuel for your vehicle.

With the 2d track, anyone who hasn’t played this game will think whether this is good or not.

But once you have played Hill Climb Racing Mod Apk, you can feel how fun this game is.

Because of the challenges when you walk with the structure up and down, you must always increase the speed in front of each existing track.

If we talk about the mod version application, we will explain it to you all. but you must know in advance about the uniqueness and characteristics that exist in this game.

below are the features found in the game Hill Climb Racing Mod Apk we will explain to you in detail about what is in this game.

Hill Climb Racing feature

The features of this Hill Climb Racing game will give you the benefits that you can enjoy in the game. Some of the superior features are as follows.

  • Different types of vehicles – Different types of vehicles with unique updates and various types of vehicles with attractive options and advantages in each vehicle (many different vehicles: bikes, trucks, jeeps, tanks, etc.)
  • Vehicle Level Updates – You can also update vehicle engines and utilities to make your vehicle go faster, and expandable parts such as engines, suspensions, tires and all-wheel drive.
  • Impressive tracks – Many tracks that you can try, with various stages and levels that must be achieved in each lintsan (rural, desert, arctic, and moon)
  • Screenshot and share – You can also share your score with all your friends by using the screenshot feature
  • Stunning display – Cool graphics and interesting simulations of obstacles on each level of the route.
  • Compress file – Game file Designed to look perfect on low and high resolution devices (including tablets).
  • Voice Support – Real turbo sound as you improve the engine provides a challenging and real sound experience.

Below is an explanation found in the game Hill Climb Racing Mod Apk, among others, as follows.

  • Hill Climb Racing Mod apk unlimited petrol
  • Hill Climb Racing Mod apk money without limits
  • Track is not locked
  • All cars are unlocked

Some of the features provided by this mod game developer will not be able to you enjoy if you use the application with its original version. so if you want to enjoy this modified version you can use the download link we have given above.

Gameplay Hill Climb Racing 2

Hill Climb Racing 2 maintains some of the features that exist in previous games and previous versions. It is not difficult to understand if that is the point that makes the game interesting and challenging. So the developer has no reason to change it.

They still retain the main character of Newton, Bill and Jill to overcome complex terrain and overcome challenges. This is an endless competition. The game only ends when your vehicle runs out of fuel or travels.

Furthermore, the control mechanism remains similar to the first version. There are 2 control buttons on the screen. There is a brake on the left. On the right is the accelerator. They press on the accelerator to accelerate the car and the brakes to slow down.

By combining these two buttons, you control a car that moves through many complex areas. However, the car can only be slightly overturned and you have to restart the game.

New Game Mode

Hill Climb Racing 2 maintains its traditional “Adventure” mode. Where players participate in endless races. It only ends when the players run out of fuel or have problems and can’t drive. The rules are exactly the same as in the first version, but the trajectory and challenges have really changed. you will definitely like it.

In the case of new changes, the game has added a new mode called Hill Climb CUP. This is a multiplayer mode where you participate in races with other players from all over the world in real time. If you win the CUP race, you can receive prizes such as gift boxes. you can open it to get goods and coins.

In addition, this game has a ranking mechanism based on your achievements. The more you produce, the higher your rank and the higher your chance of getting more prizes.

Update and Unlock

In Hill Climb Racing 2, players can unlock new cars and upgrade existing cars. However, you cannot pay coins to unlock the car. Instead, players must achieve the rank required to unlock them.

There are currently 19 cars in the game collection that match the ranking in CUP racing mode. Each car has a different shape and size. In addition to simple vehicles such as jeeps, motorbikes and ATVs, you can also open a sled or a tank.

This game offers you a vehicle renewal system. You have many options to strengthen your vehicle, for example, engine, handle, suspension, and all-wheel drive. Each option can be increased to a maximum of 20. Updating the player increases the vehicle statistics. This is very useful in competitions.

There are usually two options for upgrading an existing car, or buying a new car. Where using a new car will definitely bring a new and more interesting experience. However, this is not always a good thing. However, you don’t need to rush to use a new car, because if you upgrade an existing car, they will even get a higher score than a new car.

In addition, the developer offers many options that allow you to customize the driver’s clothing or car paint color. Players can also change clothes or hats. This change has no effect on any factor or increases your chances of winning. It only makes your characters unique for a more interesting experience.

Track Map

Hill Climb Racing 2 switches to CUP mode, where you compete with other racers from around the world. Maps in adventure mode are no longer as varied as in the first version. There are 12 cards in this game mode.

However, he has a lot of new terrain in the CUP match. When you reach a new rank, you can participate in the game on a new track. Here, players can compete in the desert, at Schneeberg, on the volcano, or even on the seabed.


Hill Climb Racing 2 still uses simple 2D graphics. However, the details are carefully designed. Bright colors and pleasant sounds on the run ensure a pleasant experience. Also, the effects of collisions and explosions are very impressive.

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