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Game Episode Mod Apk

Episode Mod Apk – Many of the users and also lovers of the game here who might not understand about this game, so it doesn’t hurt if you read first about the contents of this game as described in this article.

What is Game Episode Mod Apk game? This game is a game that tells how adults deal and also deal with lawanjenis.

If you are a fan of the game with an interesting story series, Episode – Choose Your Story MOD is a great choice for you. The stories are presented as well as in the film.

This helps make the features of the game look more realistic and interesting. Shaking hands, seductive smiles or young dances are clearly expressed. Overall, Episode – Choose Your Story is a game with a perfect story.

However, the game still has some weaknesses, for example there are only English or gems, and passports released are still very few. Most players who want to feel the whole atmosphere of the story have to pay real money to buy Gems and Pass. Some content has themes for adults and horror.

 Episode: Choose Your Story is only suitable for people over 13 years. Not like pornography, but clothing and appearance both are not suitable for minors.

In addition, this game is very detailed in the Relationship section when couples have an intimate relationship. Like a kiss or something else, it’s only natural that this Apk Mod episode came from abroad.

That is indeed their culture, things like that are considered normal, but not with Indonesia, games like this must be limited and closely monitored.

This game can also join and communicate with communities in the game, creating communication between the opposite sex.

And even that shouldn’t be done by minors, at least the players in this game are at least 18 years or older.

Game Features Episode Mod Apk

The mod version itself is a version of a game or application that has been modified to create new or different features.

Examples of features in the limited episode mod version are Permata Unlimited and Passport 2020. Permata is one of the rare items, but you can get permat for free by using the mod version application.

Below are the features found in the Episode Mod Apk game, among others as follows.

Create character

For the first feature of this Episode Mod game, you can create your own character.

In the game at the beginning of the story, you will be asked to create your character. Characters can be chosen according to their sex and according to your wishes.

you can choose male and female characters and create characters with the desired hair design or skin color. you can also choose the shape of the body part that you want.

Such as nose, ears, face, eyes, lips, etc., so that you can find the character you want.

Story Selection

In the latest version of this Episode mod game, you can choose your own story line according to your choice. Choose the story that you really like in the game to get a fun and tense life.

The latest version of the Game Mod version has a story that is embedded in the relationship between two types of people. Of course, it will be more interesting and will be complemented by intimate scenes in your chosen story. All of this is in the game, but don’t forget that this game is for adults.

Episode – Choose Your Story is an amazing entertainment game with a story line from various genres and themes such as friendship, love, adventure that is full of adventure or mystery. This game can be downloaded for free from the Android and iOS application stores. To play, players must always be connected to the Internet.

Episode: Choose Your Story offers many stories for you to explore and enjoy. They are created by developers with a variety of content styles, stories and characters that interest you.

The stories are arranged in different genres. you can find your favorite stories without reading them all. Episodes: Choose Your Story currently covers all 8 genres, including romance, drama, hollyhood, fantasy, mystery, comedy, action / adventure, and thriller / horror. Each category gives you an interesting and different atmosphere.

Gameplay Episode Mod Apk

Episode – Choose Your Story is a game with a kind of life storyline. If you have played games with the same genre, it is very easy to get used to this game. First, the player chooses a favorite theme and plays the role of the main character in the story. Most dialog boxes appear automatically so that the player cannot intervene. These sentences will help you better understand the contents of the story and tell you what will happen next.

In some situations, players must choose a conversation or choose to act as their character. The decision or word you make can move the story in a new direction. It can make someone angry or become close friends. It’s all up to you guys. Of course, this choice will make the end of each story different. Then you can choose other options later to see what happens next.

In the Episode game there are no wins or loses. The only thing in this game is to enjoy the story. Players will experience the story in turn without worrying about their duties. The first episode of all stories can be read for free. If you find an interesting story, you can pay to continue reading the next chapter.

How to Install Episode Mod Apk

  • The first step is to download the APK application first using the previous download button.
  • Select a folder on an external storage to store application data files that are easy to find.
  • Wait for the process to load up to 100%.
  • Before installing the application, select the Android system and activate “Unknown sources” on your Android phone.
  • If the source you activated is unknown, look for the APK folder where you saved the previously downloaded application.
  • Complete the application installation process.
  • After a successful installation, you can use the application and access the features contained in the application.

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